Stil de viață = sănătate

1 iun.

Un alt articol preluat de pe… Pe cine e mai bine să crezi, atunci când îți formezi (sau reformezi) obiceiurile alimentare. E bine să renunți la cele din copilărie? Țin minte câtă grijă avea mama să ne pună pe masă numai mâncare sănătoasă, cât mai proaspătă și mai naturală, de preferință adusă de la țară, de la bunci. Mai târziu, am căutat să o imit, îngrijindu-mă de felul în care ne alimentam. Principiu greu de respectat în zilele noastre, totuși. Altfel, ca și în cazurile altor subiecte care mă interesează foarte mult, încă nu știu care dintre ”sfătuitori” are mai multă dreptate și la care ”teorie” să ”ader”. 🙂

By Susan Adams

Improving your health can be as simple as eating these items.

Eaten many coconuts lately? How about cherries or blueberries or grass-fed beef?

You should, because these are all foods with powerful health properties. However, few people pack their grocery carts full of these items.

1.Fructele. Take kiwifruit. It’s chock full of vitamin C–a whopping 115% of what you need to eat in a day. It’s also low in calories–just 45 per fruit, sans skin.

„In America, most people don’t eat three servings of fruit and vegetables a day,” says nutritionist Jonny Bowden, author of seven books including, most recently, The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy. According to him, there are 10 very healthy foods we don’t eat enough of.

Ignore the Food Pyramid – recomadă autorul (citește articolul, să vezi de ce).


2. Despre grăsimi: „Fat is an essential building block for many important compounds in the body.” This is why Bowden puts grass-fed beef, wild salmon and, yes, coconuts, on his top 10 list.

Salmon, in particular, is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with heart and brain health as well as bringing down blood pressure and triglycerides, a risk factor for heart disease. Omega-3s have also been found to improve mood and reduce inflammation, says Bowden.

Another food packed with nutritional value that’s present–but not necessarily front and center in every grocery store–is kale (o specie de varză – n.n.)  A member of the cabbage family, which Bowden dubs „vegetable royalty,” kale contains indoles, a compound found to fight cancer. Kale is also rich in antioxidants, which also help prevent cancer, says Bowden.

If that’s not enough for you, kale is also full of sulforaphane, yet another cancer-prevention agent. Kale has calcium, iron and vitamins A, C and K, and two nutrients that are great for the eyes, including zeaxanthin. Kale’s pièce de résistance: Two cups packs three grams of fiber. Try sautéing it with garlic and butter, recommends Bowden. Or eat it like salad, with pine nuts, cranberries and olive oil.

3.Nuca de cocos. Then there are coconuts, a terribly misunderstood food, according to Bowden. The fat in coconuts is a particular kind that’s good for you. It’s called MCT, or Medium-Chain Triglycerides. The body doesn’t store MCT as fat, says Bowden, but rather uses it as energy, like a carbohydrate. Coconuts are also high in lauric acid, a fatty acid that tends to kill pathogens. In addition, coconut oil is great for cooking since it has a very high smoke point.

4. Dieta mediteraneană.For Bowden, sticking to a Mediterranean-style diet is the healthiest way to eat. That means plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lots of olive and nut oils. The Mediterranean diet has indeed been proved by study after study to have multiple healthful properties.

5. Ciocolata neagră. If all that sounds just too darn healthy, consider the 10th food on Bowden’s list: dark chocolate. Rich with a phytochemical called flavanol, found by a 2005 study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology to improve cardiovascular health, chocolate with at least 60% cocoa content should be a regular on your shopping list.

În concluzie: Chocolate and coconut anyone? OK, but not until you’ve finished your kale. 🙂


Iată alte link-uri spre articole despre alimentația sănătoasă:

P.S. Recunosc, ”apucătura” asta de a posta articole de scest tip am ”contractat-o” de la o bună prietenă, care mă tot provoacă să discutăm și teme ”mai lumești”. Bine, sper să nu ajungem să discutăm doar subiecte de astea (dar unul sau două pe lună cred că e OK). 🙂


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